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Corporate website or webshop

Each webdesign project will be totally custom developed to your needs to make your company score online. Your company's DNA will be integrated smoothly within your new website. If needed we can work out a new fresh branding for your company.

We will never see a website as a cost, but rather as an investment. Your website is not only the first impression people get when visiting your website. Websites should never be 'just beautiful' but they should add value for your company and for the visitor. a website that delivers and generates conversions. That's our goal! 

Results are priority number 1 on every website we make for our clients! Having a beautiful websites that brings 0 leads, generates 0 conversions or has an awful user experience will bring no added value. As a result the website won't be an investment anymore because it will only cost money... Because we want to avoid those situations we use a different strategy in building websites. We start by analyzing your target group behavior and the way they take in the customer journey and where the website fits in. With that information we start designing the website. Through this process we constantly work together with our clients to be sure they have an idea on where we are in the project and how it is all going to unfold. 

no more
missing sales.

SEO & Conversions optimization

Already have a good looking websites but do the expected results stay out?Having a good looking website is a nice start. But the purpose of a website can never be to just look good. We like to compare this with Formula 1. You can have the best car on the grid, but without a descent driver the car isn't going anywhere and you definitely aren't going to win any races. 

You can compare that on corporate websites. You can have the best looking website in the world. But if nobody knows he exists because SEO has never been managed your website won't get any results. The thorough analysis before designing the website hasn't been done...even though it's soooooo important! Because of our big urge for results we want to work out an optimization strategy. 

After making a thorough analysis of the way every visitor takes, we will make suggestions to make sure you will no longer miss sales!Every optimization strategy is different,


is weten.

website analytics workshop

Kan je niet stoppen met kijken naar jouw persoonlijk dashboard om de prestaties van je website of webshop op de voet te volgen? Je bent niet alleen… Maar wil je de cijfers ook echt volledig zelf begrijpen om te weten waar het mis loopt of juist heel goed gaat?

Natuurlijk leggen we de belangrijkste cijfers al eens uit wanneer we jouw persoonlijk dashboard voor je opmaken. Maar wanneer je zelf ook aan het roer wil staan van je online communicatie is het geen slecht idee om te weten of je communicatie ook echt werkt. Dan moet je natuurlijk alle belangrijke metrics die je website kan weergeven effectief begrijpen.

Daarom organiseren wij persoonlijke workshops waarin we je haarfijn uitleggen wat de metrics in je dashboard betekenen. Een website hebben die door ons ontwikkeld is, is geen vereiste om een workshop in te plannen. Nog geen analyse software? Geen probleem ook dat kunnen we voor jou doen. Wil je een workshop inplannen of meer informatie krijgen? 

Let's grab a coffee

Do you want more information on certain projects, plan a meeting to talk about your great idea or a non-binding conversation about how we can help your company grow? Let us know below!

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